The Original

Make Your Own

Fused Glass Studio

Glassworks is exclusively a glass fusing studio (no paint involved!). You will create your project design while it’s cool and then we melt and shape it for you after you leave.  You start by selecting the size and shape project you would like to make from our sample wall. Project options include various shaped dishes, serving platters, picture frames, coasters, wall hangings, jewelry boxes, bookends, and more.

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Can Create a Masterpiece

Stay Glassy Baby...

Workshops &

Classes at the Studio

Feel free to gather your friends or any other group and we can teach the private lesson of your choosing.  Please call the studio to be sure your group size and budget are right for the class. Class choices include stringer bending, crushed glass (frit), cutting special shapes like flowers or leaves, or learning how to copy a specific sample.more

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It’s Their Party

And They’ll

Fuse Glass if they want to.

Your Glassworks birthday party experience will fuse fun and creativity! Each guest will make their own fused glass project guided by our experienced party coach.  Party projects will be fired, processed, and ready for pick up in one week.  Bring your own food and beverage, candles, and camera! Kids’ parties are recommended for guests age 7 and up.more



Is This Turtle?

The staff at Glassworks is always excited to see what our guests can accomplish. “I am as excited today as the day we first opened. It never ceases to amaze me how given the same materials and instructions each individual creates something unique. Glassworks Studio continues to try to upgrade and introduce new projects and programs while keeping our prices as low as possible to allow the most people a glass fusing experience.”-owner Stacey Schlosser.more

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